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About the Company

Mr Walter Mays founded the company in the late 1950s. This consisted if a small shop on Westcott street in Hull, selling domestic appliances. This was followed quite quickly by minor installations of socket outlets and soon became an Electrical installation company as well.. In 1962 the company was bought by Mr Cyril Allison who continued the expansion. Wally Mays became one of the largest Electrical contractors in Hull. The company moved premises in 1977 To Spyvee street in Hull. In 1989 the company was bought by Mr Neil Cooper who continued expanding and modernising in all aspects of electrical engineering and maintenance. The company moved to larger premises in 2006 to its present location on Sutton Fields in Hull. the company employs approximately 30 employees and operates a fleet of vehicles fitted with tracking devices and has an annual turnover in excess of one million pounds.


We have a fleet of vehicles fitted with location trackers. This gives us the ability to quickly identify the vehicle closest to any job, reducing response times and unnecessary mileage. we also operate a "green fleet" policy, which tracks and records the carbon footprint of each vehicle. Our drivers are actively encouraged to drive responsibly and to keep unnecessary journeys to a minimum.

Mission Statement

Wally Mays (Contractors) Ltd is an established business that believes in quality workmanship and excellent customer service. All employees are employed to help and support their clients. 

 From the commencement of a new working relationship with you,

we will give you our priority and commitment to meet our Mission Statement.

The Management, Staff and all Employees of Wally Mays (Contractors) Ltd will at all times strive to deliver the highest quality of electrical installation and maintenance, to meet the expectations of our clients by providing the following:

  • To carry out our service promptly, efficiently and courteously and in accordance with our client's reasonable expectations.

  • Full compliance with the statutory provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act in order to ensure a safe working environment for both our employees and our client's employees and customers.

  • Full compliance with the Approved Codes of Practice as laid down by the Regulatory Bodies and the statutory provision of the Health & Safety at Work Act and any other relevant legislation offering the Company's operational processes.

  • Cost-effective solutions to our clients electrical maintenance problems.

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